I am 20 years old. I studied Web Design & Development at SAE Institue of Technoligie in Zürich, Switzerland for 1 year and 3 months. I decided to stop University, since it was very stressfull to travel and study at all times. Plus it was very expensive and I didn't want to put all that on my father. So from June 2019 until now I have been working as a Freelance Designer for many different clients.
I try to be as professional as can be. 
Next to working Freelance, I also was working on evolving my golf game to a new level.

What is my "Why"

As son of two self-employed parents, I saw a lot of struggle during difficult times, fincancially, as well as emotionally. And going through these situations, made me see a lot of different aspects on how things can be improved for very little money, at a very high standard.

My Goals

My Goal is to provide every person, that wants and needs web presence, with professional work to show of their business. As not every small business can afford expensive service, from big companies, I am doing it very cheap in comparison. Because I love helping people.

A few things you need to know

Web Design...

is the creation of a website, starting out with a sketch, turning into a design and then finally being developed using HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Photo- and Videography...

I offer this, because I love taking pictures, as well as creating promotional videos. I have a few uploaded on my website, you can watch them here. 

Marketing Design...

can be anything from businesscards up until a whole new brand identity. Here is a small list, what I offer.

Awesome Personality...

I put this here, because I wanted to make it look symetrical, but also remind you that you will be working with an awesome person who, even though I am very young, has surrived a lot of crazy things in life.